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Pyro’s Arcade Episode 6: Slap Dat Ass

In the first half of this episode, Conor and Ashley lampoon the latest Duke Nukem kerfluffle, make fun of the 3DS, and hit on a few smaller news items. In the second half, they explore just how much ass Ashley’s been getting in Dragon Age... more »

Pyro’s Arcade Episode 5

In today’s episode, we’ve got Conor flying solo as he book-ends a truly awesome interview from PAX East. Conor was able to sit down with Tyler M. Carbone and Aujang S. Abadi, the two-headed monster that runs SRRN Games. They talk their soon to be... more »

Pyro’s Arcade Episode 4: Getting Stabbed In the Chest 101

Today’s cast is a one-two punch featuring Jeska and Conor in a intense head-to-head throwdown grudge match. They warm up with recent headlines and gaming news, before rolling into a 40-minute fractious examination of the ways in which video games handle breasts, armor plating, steroidal... more »

Pyro’s Arcade Episode 3: Mass Effect 2

Dylan, Conor, and Jes-ka head off into the Terminus Systems for an almost completely Mass-Effect-2-related discussion. Listen in to the good, the bad, and the ugly of Bioware’s epic sci-fi masterpiece, as well as some headlines from the gaming industry at large and what the... more »

Pyro’s Arcade Episode 2: Game News Headlines; Conor’s Topics

Conor, Dylan, and Katee manage to pack a lot in a little time in episode 2 of Pyro’s Arcade. They start with news around the industry covering Sony’s next generation portable system, Rep. Joe Baca’s attempts to label games a health hazard, and the Audio Engineering... more »

Pyro’s Arcade Episode 1: Introductions; Best of 2010, Anticipated of 2011

Dylan, Conor, and newcomer Katee join forces as The Rumble Pak to bring you the debut episode of Giant Fire Breathing Robot’s video-game-centered podcast. After the first half of introductions and establishing street cred, the trio give their favorite games from 2010 and look ahead to... more »