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Cold Days, Dresden Files #14 Update!

Cold Days, Dresden Files #14 Update!

UPDATE!! The publishing date for Cold Days, book #14 from the Dresden Files Universe is November 27, 2012! JUST in time for Giftmas! more »

The Next Dresden Files Book = Finished!

The Next Dresden Files Book = Finished!

Finally! New Information From The Dresden-Verse. more »

Red State: Doin’ It Kevin’s Way. Again.

Red State: Doin’ It Kevin’s Way. Again.

Kevin Smith releases Red State VOD and tells all of Hollywood, "Yer not the boss of me. So there." Dang I love him. more »

Okay, Maybe LEGO® Can Be Kinda Cool

Holy time-consuming hobbies, Batman! Have you heard about The Brickman?!? If not, now you have. Apparently this dude creates kick-ass awesome things from LEGO®. My favorite creation of his is The Love Boat: A Cross-Section (my name, not his). This little project is just over one quarter of... more »

The Knights of Badassdom, The Movie

The Knights of Badassdom = best name for a movie pretty much ever, right? That seriously is the name of a movie scheduled to come out sometime this year—no actual release date has been announced. So, who’s in this little ditty? My boyfriend Peter Dinklage... more »

FanimeCon 2011: The Good, The Bad, The Nerdy

The Robot Crew attended FanimeCon in 2010 and we were COMPLETELY blown away by the massive amount of awesome; the cosplay, the webcomics, the strange mousepads with breasts, the talent show, the manga announcements from Dark Horse, the just general radness that was FanimeCon 2010.... more »

Why Kevin Smith Is Not a Dick

So, there has been some serious shit talk on the Internet. I know. Shocker. Shit talk on the Internet? Say it ain’t so. But this shit talk was specifically about Kevin Smith and his actions and plans regarding the sale and distribution of Red State.... more »

Red State: A Review, A Perspective, A Bad-Ass Freakin’ Movie

Kevin Smith has a new movie. You know, just in case you have been hiding under a rock and haven’t heard about it. His new movie is called Red State and it is a big time genre change for him—a self-described horror flick. Totally different.... more »

Wanna watch the next Mars rover being built? Check out the Curiosity Cam!

This is by far the biggest nerd news of the week!!! NASA JPL – the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California, has a freakin’ streaming webcam of the lab where they are building the newest Mars Rover, named Curiosity. OMF! How cool is that?!? I... more »

WoW Cataclysm Cinematic Trailer = OMF WIN!

I am sure you have heard about the latest expansion to the World of Warcraft Universe called Cataclysm. But, have you seen the WoW Cataclysm Cinematic Trailer? Holy glorious time-suck, Batman! You freakin’ need to!! STAT! Here, do it now! You can also do a... more »

Ever wanted to LARP Mad Max? Wasteland Weekend is calling your name.

Do you love Burning Man? Do you watch the movie The Road Warrior and think to yourself, “Self? Wouldn’t it be bitchin’ to LARP the Mad Max world? Wouldn’t it?!?”, then Wasteland Weekend will be pretty much right up your alley. Wasteland Weekend has existed... more »

Spider-Man: The Musical? Wait. Really? Yah. Really.

No, seriously. They are making a Spider-Man musical. For Broadway. Yah, THAT Broadway. I just really don’t know what more to say… I mean … ? Anyway, this is what I DO know: The production is called Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark, it opens at... more »

3 Words: Three. Dee. Porn.

The new 3D film phenomenon is a strange mix of WHEE! and BOO! – or at least it is for me. Well, for yet more 3D emotional conflict, try this on: 3-D Porn. I think my first thought went something like this: OH Wow! How... more »

Baby Leia Hat for the Teeny-Tiny WIN!

O.M.G. I have seen cute, my friend. Oh yes. I have. But this?!? There is just Too Much Cute! This is the latest in a line of goofy “Hairdo Hats” made by Cheryl, a full-time mom, geek, and blogger at Sew Can Do.  She also... more »

Jones Soda – Now With the Taste of Fresh Slayer!

Jones Soda, the crazy soda pop company that brought us such gems as the Thanksgiving Dinner in a 6-pack (the brussel sprout flavor was truly, truly retch-worthy. Thanks Andrew!) has a new Buffy the Vampire Slayer pack.  This new and awesome marketing ploy (cus, let’s... more »

Eureka to Add Felicia Day to Its Wil Wheaton

I don’t know if you saw the kick-ass episode of Eureka featuring Wil Wheaton, but if you haven’t, you really might wanna, cus it was awesome! Well, to keep the awesome train a-chuggin’, the delectable Ms. Felicia Day recently announced via her Twitter feed that... more »

Alice in Zombieland?!?

Threadless is an awesome site that has all kinds of kick-ass gear, including t-shirts and hoodies. If you don’t know about threadless, you should check them out cus they are a whole bag of awesome. Their latest awesome is this little ditty called “Zombies in... more »

Creepy Vampire Kid Movie? Sign Me Up!!

I have a not-so-secret confession to make. I. Love. Vampire. Movies. ALL vampire movies. Once Bitten, Interview with the Vampire, Ultraviolet, Underworld (1, 2 and yes, even 3) Dracula 2000 (yah, that’s right, even that movie! It was so bad it was good). I also... more »

A New Look for Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman has a new look! And, as a woman lemme just say, it is about damned time!! I mean, really! So, she has a new look and a new story and has hit issue #600! Which is super awesome. I think the look is... more »

You’ve heard of, right? I mean, c’mon, almost everyone in the world has heard of woot and their “clearance sale” style of bringing cool stuff to the masses at low prices, right? Anyway, was acquired by, and the official announcement to the... more »

Xerxes: Frank Millers Newest Masterpiece?

Frank Miller is a god and everything he does is art. It was announced earlier this month that Frank Miller is now working on a prequel to 300, named Xerxes. The news is thin, but here is the skinny as I understand it: Miller is... more »

The Best of Fanime 2010

It is that time in any event coverage when we need to discuss the best of the best. The high points, like most everything Fanime, were just too numerous to actually cover each one, so below I will go over my favorites… The most common... more »

Fanime 2010: Dark Horse Manga with Carl Horn

One of the events we were able to catch at FanimeCon was the Dark Horse panel on their upcoming manga releases. There weren’t any large bombshell announcements or anything along those lines – pity – but we were able to hear about upcoming titles from Carl... more »

Fanime 2010: General Impressions

First off, let me just say that FanimeCon is off-the-hook, wall-to-wall, totally extreme, random, awesome geekness. And I mean ALL of this in the best possible way. Truly. So what is Fanime? What do they have? What do they do? Why would you EVER want... more »

Thundercats Writer Stephen Perry Presumed Dead

We all remember ThunderCats and SilverHawks, they helped to define a generation. Well, one of the creators of those fine shows (as well as being the writer of Marvel comics Timespirits) has been missing for two weeks. The local police, after apparently finding several body parts, are... more »

One on One With Comics Legend Wendy Pini

The first day of Fanime 2010 held many wondrous things – Cosplay, Gaming, Dweeb as Kule, Comics, Cthulhu themed tshirts and a million-and-one references to Fooly Cooly. But the most wondrous thing was yet to come! While wandering Artist Alley, we moseyed up to a... more »

Who else is going to Fanime?

Just in case you havent heard about Fanime, it’s a convention for anime fans by anime fans. WOOT! Fanime is held in San Jose, California during Memorial Day weekend and Danielle and I will be attending, taking pictures and askin’ questions of the attendees, speakers,... more »

Splice: Another Awesome Freaking Film from Guillermo?

Have you seen the trailers for SPLICE? If you havent, Holy Crap You TOTALLY NEED TO! I have seen the trailer on the TV but didnt know that Guillermo Del Toro was the Executive Producer, but it totally makes sense that he is involved. Everything... more »

Show Review: Merlin

SyFy has a REALLY bad track record with its original series, so apparently they have started sourcing them from the BBC. Or at least that is the case with their newish venture: Merlin. I have seen the commercials – while fast forwarding through them on... more »

The Latest in the Dresden ‘Verse

You may have noticed that we have mentioned Jim Butcher, Harry Dresden and The Dresden Files several times in the last few months. Well, there are a couple of reasons for that. Namely, that more than one (and less than 50) of us Robots are... more »