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Pyro’s Arcade Episode 13: Givin’ It the Bizness.

Apologies for the super-short cast this week. We’ve had some scheduling and manpower changes here at the Robot and I just wanted to fill everyone in on the details. I pretty much cover everything from the cast in this blurb so if you’re prone to... more »

Video Games Releases for June 15th

  Excuse me one moment while I adjust my package. And by that I mean my 8″ pewter bust of Duke Nukem and the rest of the Balls of Steel Special Edition that has graced my doorstep this fine day. Not gonna lie, it’s been... more »

Pyro’s Arcade Episode 12: Tag Team Edition

Dylan and Conor sit down for a quick chat about Microsoft and Sony’s big pre-E3 press conferences. We’d planned to keep this one short but apparently we’re capable of spending an hour talking about nothing but Kinect, 3D Tits on a Goat and the US... more »

Pyro’s Arcade Episode 11: The Ramble Pak

This week, Dylan and Conor are joined, for the first time, by new site contributor Colin as they delve into what they’ve been playing, some news tidbits, further gripes about L.A. Noire and then round out the show with what they’re looking forward to playing... more »

Pyro’s Arcade Episode 10: Team Insomnia

Conor reaches back to the Tabletop Quality days of podcasting for the talent and rage necessary to properly eviscerate the Open Beta currently trying to pass itself off as AAA title, Brink. Jeff and Steven are old hats at talking over Conor so this will... more »

Even more, Bonus Points 2.0!

Welcome back to Bonus Points, where we scrape the creme of yon frothing Internet to save you having to hunt down all the awesome yourself. This week was particularly fruitful with a metric ton of cool internet oddities for your browsing leisure. The list includes... more »

Video Game Releases for the Week of May 17

If you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past nine months, you may be unaware that today’s the day L.A. Noire drops, and our collective jaws get to drop with it, as Rockstar chucks a titanic graphical gauntlet at the entire industry. We’re unlikely... more »

Pyro’s Arcade Episode 9: Cleva’ Girl

Today’s episode features an interview with Ashton Andersen (CEO), Steve “Veo” Ellis (Animator), and Terry Ghast (Lead Programmer) of Lukewarm Media, discussing their in-development title Primal Carnage! The interview runs the gamut of their origins, company philosophy and EVERY single last publicly available Paleo-Detail of... more »

Bonus Points 2.0: The Scotsman Strikes Back

  After a brief hiatus, I’m proud to announce the triumphant return of Bonus Points, your source for the latest and greatest tidbits of geek/nerd/gamer badassery from around the web. Exhibit A: the above image is my current wallpaper and it can be yours too, along with... more »

Video Game Releases for May 10

We’re still a little light on titles this week but it’s not the complete anemia we’ve had of late. You’ve the option of living the life/war aquatic in the future or the past, slicing necks or serves, and even some options related to “gunning”. For... more »

Video Game Releases for May 6

Small turn-out this week and I apologize for getting this out so late. Biggest reason for the dearth of games is most likely the market bracing for the ensuing explosion of titles in the next few weeks. Here’s looking at you LA Noire… more »

PSN: What Happened & What Now?

Let’s start at the beginning. On April 19th Sony detected that hackers had broken into the PlayStation Network within the previous 48 hours. Their immediate response was to pull the plug on the service and hire an outside forensic security team. On Monday, after rampant... more »

Pyro’s Arcade Episode 8: Es ist Verboten!

Conor, Ashley and Dylan sit down to talk trash about Sony’s latest embarrassment, wet t-shirt contests and federal proof that mature ratings work. In the second half, they delve into what gets games banned and what should or shouldn’t be allowed to be made into... more »

Ye Olde Iron Man

Nothing says “Bad Ass” like a coal-fired Iron Man. Jonathan Kuriscak, of Pack Rat Studios, has outdone even himself with his latest creation. Standing a whopping 11” high, complete with era-appropriate Tony Stark at his side, this bad boy looks ready to do some damage.... more »

Video Game Releases for April 20th

This week is all about quality over quantity. With a whopping SEVEN new titles, plus some hardware and a bundle of XBLA’s finest, it would have to be. Otherwise we might all go outside and embrace the day star or something. But seriously, we’ve got... more »

Pyro’s Arcade Episode 7: Blast to the Past

Conor sits down with Aujang and Tyler of SRRN games to talk retro game design, including both their loves and hates of the pre-2000 era. If you liked Episode 5, you’ll love this foray into the minds of these up-and-coming designers as they step outside... more »

Nintendo 3DS: Why?

You may remember that two weeks back was NINTENDO 3DS-APALOOZA!!!!! DING DING DING. Suffice to say, I’m not a fan of the platform, or more accurately I just don’t understand why it exists. And this forced me to rewrite my releases article a good four... more »

Video Game Releases for April 13th

I’ve made reference to it in previous posts but I really have to say, there is a whole lot of War in video games. It’s not even exclusive to the shooter genres, it’s everywhere. And this week is no exception with TWO different modern war... more »

Video Game Releases for April 5th

Today’s release list is downright anemic, and while that’s in keeping with the beginning of a new quarter…this week is still impressively lacking. We have a grand total of EIGHT games, of which three are re-releases, and two are fairly non-altered sequels. In short, go... more »

Pyro’s Arcade Episode 6: Slap Dat Ass

In the first half of this episode, Conor and Ashley lampoon the latest Duke Nukem kerfluffle, make fun of the 3DS, and hit on a few smaller news items. In the second half, they explore just how much ass Ashley’s been getting in Dragon Age... more »

Video Game Releases for March 29

Video Game Releases for March 29

It’s the end of the 1st Sales Quarter and it looks like a few titles didn’t quite make it to the finish line. Fortunately, there’s still a ton of stuff dropping this week, as various publishers squeak in under the deadline of April 1st. You... more »

Barcode Hero Adds 1UP

So, Barcode Hero is a nifty little iPhone app that lets you scan a product’s barcode and instantly get other people’s opinion on the item, information about it, and possibly even recommendations for a better option. Now, the app’s been doing pretty well for itself... more »

Video Game Releases for March 22nd

There’s a whole mess of titles coming out this week. As you can see, to the right, Sims Medieval is the big ticket item of the week and reviewing the promotional material for this post has me considering a dive back into the needle-laced crack-den... more »

Mortal Kombat: Raiden Revealed!

Leading up to next month’s release of the ninth iteration of Mortal Kombat, Warner Bros has released some HD gameplay footage of ye’ olde lightning god kicking some serious ass. Finishing moves are more minutely brutal than ever before now that every detail of shattered... more »

Pyro’s Arcade Episode 5

In today’s episode, we’ve got Conor flying solo as he book-ends a truly awesome interview from PAX East. Conor was able to sit down with Tyler M. Carbone and Aujang S. Abadi, the two-headed monster that runs SRRN Games. They talk their soon to be... more »

Round 3: PAX East – Pop. 69,500, bitches.

Day 3 of PAX started with a failure at reading comprehension, and an attempt to get into the exhibition hall for another hour of pre-madness press time. Instead, I found myself sitting in on a Gabe and Tycho (Jerry and Mike, respectively) Q&A Panel with... more »

Video Game Releases: The Ides of March

Today might have sucked for Julius Caesar, but the rest of us are doing alright in the games department. We’ve got a healthy spread of war games, crazy awesome action-puzzlers, variations on the RPG theme, a couple games designed to make you shake your ass,... more »

Round 2 – PAX East 2011 – Call the fire marshal, she’s gonna blow!

I started Day 2 a little early in order to get in on Duke Nukem: Forever and Star Wars: The Old Republic before they unleashed the teeming hordes onto the exhibition floor at 10 a.m. SWTOR is more of Bioware proving just how well they... more »

Round 1: PAX East 2011—Fight!

So, I survived my first day at PAX East. I lay the majority of the credit for said survival at the feet of whichever nVidia genius decided to place five or six Sumo beanbags near the Rock Band stage. I’d never even heard of Sumo... more »

Choose Your Own: PAX-venture!

As you’re reading this, upwards of 70,000 gamers will be descending upon the Boston Convention Center with the enviable task of rocking the hell out of PAX East. Included in this ravening horde will be myself (handsome devil below) and the illustrious David “DTJAAAAM” Ngo.... more »