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Recap: Orleans Invasion First Impressions


I’m a huge fan of Orleans. It was a finalist for Game of the Year, after all. So I was eagerly awaiting the first big expansion, Invasion. Not just because it added new content to an awesome game, but because it promised to totally revolutionize the game itself. The highly competitive game was taking on a whole new cooperative mode. And I wanted to see how that worked out in practice.

Invasion. My group of three decided to try out the cooperative mode of the game. Although Invasion comes with six different modes, the big one – indeed the one named “Invasion” – is the cooperative scenario. So we decided to bust it out and give it a go.

The Invasion scenario requires you to complete six things. First, you have to donate a certain number of knights to the board. Second, you have to collect a number of citizens. You have to donate coins and goods. You have to build town halls on the 13 outermost cities. And each player gets a personal objective – all of which must be completed.

We randomized the personal objectives and got to work. I was the Scholar who had to both get to the end of the development track and build four town halls. That was tough. I pushed forward on the town halls first and got that goal accomplished, then pivoted over to the the development track. In hindsight, I probably should have done it the other way. I could have gotten a bunch of scholars first, grabbed the school, and then used the increased flexibility to move and build. Oh well. Next time.

We were doing pretty well. At least, that is, until the penultimate event. It was “Rats” and they ate our cheese and bread. The next round was the end round. We simply couldn’t make up the difference in time and lost. Of course, we were also down a citizen and two personal objectives weren’t quite completed. But “Rats” didn’t help.

However, I thought the game was really great. Orleans has this wonderful feeling where you simply don’t have time to build your engine the way you want it. You have to get it “good enough” and then just run with it – perhaps tweaking a bit here and there. That same concept really applied well to a cooperative scenario and it was great fun.

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