Variant: Operation GamerChild – The Marathon | Giant Fire Breathing Robot

Variant: Operation GamerChild – The Marathon


Over the Thanksgiving weekend, I had a little extra free time. Which was awesome. And I got to spend a lot of that time with the kids. On a couple of occasions, my son insisted on playing some of “Daddy’s games” and I was only too happy to acquiesce.

We played a ton of stuff. But the best came on Sunday night. He grabbed Wrath of Asharadalon off the shelf and we decided to give it a go. Not only him, but my two-year-old daughter arrived as well. She isn’t old enough to play, but she grabbed the figures out of the box (which I had painted a while back) and started playing her own game.

As a Wizard and Cleric, we marched off in search of Rhogar’s Gear. Cultists, Kobolds, and Orcs all tried to prevent us from reaching our goal. The cooperative nature of the game was really helpful. I could make suggestions and then my kid would roll the dice. When it rolled high, he would squeal with delight and make lightning noises.

When that was through, we weren’t quite done, so we broke out Legend of Drizz’t. The Drizz’t characters are a little more powerful, although they also have some of the bigger monsters. My son was pleased when he took down a cave troll all by himself. And we worked together to kill the assassin who was trailing us.

I haven’t played the D&D games as much as I used to. But I have a feeling that, with my son enjoying them so thoroughly, I’ll be playing much more in the future.

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