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Recap: A Heroic Invasion of the Core Worlds

Image via BGG User Otrex

Image via BGG User Otrex

Game night started a little late due to some other commitments I had. Probably the same next week as well. The holidays are an amazing time, but they also take up space that was formerly occupied by board gaming. This week, we got to return to Core Worlds. And it was heroes aplenty.

Core Worlds. It all started with a bad draft. My personal favorite way to play Core Worlds is to pick two of the core worlds and just shoot for them. I like Anu, since Star Cruisers and Capital Ships tend to be underutilized. And I’ll often go for the infantry one, or maybe the tactics one as well. But the draft didn’t really help with any of that. I also usually love to get cards that let me draw. The ability to mill through a deck is basically priceless.

During the game, I fell into a really bad rut. I started grabbing all of the starfighters, cruisers, and capital ships that I could. But this left me with very little ground strength. Plus, those cruisers and capital ships are expensive to put out. So I wasn’t playing them as often and that meant I didn’t get on the Galactic Orders as often. The other problem was energy generation. Our whole game was fairly light on planets. And, even by turn nine, the highest energy generation was only 13 or so. That’s quite low and I often found myself running out of energy before running out of actions.

The winner, by contrast, went for a full hero strategy. By game end, he had seven of them. Seven! I thought that having so many would clog his hero tactics deck and prevent him from making good use of them. But the native hero powers were just too huge. He had a lot of versatility and was able to conquer some of the best planets. By game end, he was about 14 points ahead of second place. Brutal.

But good to know about this hero strategy. Perhaps I will try it in the future.

Also Played. Sentinels of the Multiverse (an epic loss to Iron Legacy. On the turn we would have killed him, he played a card that stopped our whole tactic and wiped us).

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