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Variant: Discussing Pandemic Legacy – Spoilers Within!


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So many spoiler-free posts! It’s time to discuss the ins and outs of Pandemic Legacy. If you haven’t played it, beware of the following spoilers! Turn back now. There are some great twists and knowing them in advance could really impact how the game plays out.

The first twist was that one disease basically becomes a zombie plague. Loved it! I didn’t know what to expect when that disease first became difficult to treat, but in hindsight it makes perfect sense. Perhaps drawing inspiration from something like 28 Days Later, it seems like the perfect way to go.

The objectives were also a great addition to the game. In my group, we had three players. So we brought the Scientist for the mandatory objective of curing three diseases and the Medic for the eradication of a disease objective. The third character bounced around a bit depending on our need. At times it was the Researcher, Operations Expert, Quarantine Specialist, and Immunologist.

The end of April

The end of April

As soon as we got the option to upgrade with a military escort – and use it to kill faded – we jumped on it. That seemed like a huge bonus and one that would help us keep them in check. Luckily, we placed it on the Quarantine Specialist. When she turned traitor, it was a devastating game. It happened right in the middle and, after that player discarded his cards, we just couldn’t make it back.

We also lost the Operations Expert when he became too scarred. Mostly from having Faded pop up in his city and giving him a scar. Having the Dispatcher would have really helped, and we probably would have included him if we had four players.

Ending September

Ending September

I can’t tell you the relief and high fives that occurred when we finally found the vaccine. We eagerly put stickers on the board. When it became apparent that we weren’t going to succeed in early December, we focused on stickering everything. After all, those would transfer to the next game. And in late December, we won the game!

I was a little surprised to see a scoring pad at the end. We scored 785 points – just 16 shy of getting our faces on currency. The only one that bothered me was the 80 bonus points for clearing military bases. That didn’t seem rational. It was too difficult to do just for fun, and the game didn’t really drive that desire home. Even disavowed by the military, it seemed weird for a Medic, Scientist, and Researcher to be blowing up military bases. Plus, for several games the objective was to blow up two. If you blew up more, you could actually make that objective more difficult in future games.

Overall, though, it was a fantastic experience. Opening each box was a real treat (especially when we first got those faded figures). And it was an experience I adored. I probably wouldn’t play it again, though. I know too much. But if a Season 2 comes out, I’ll be all over it.

15 points away from having our names on currency

15 points away from having our names on currency

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