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Recap: One Teeny, Tiny Mistake …

Image via BGG User JanaZemankova

Image via BGG User JanaZemankova

With the holiday weekend, there was a ton of opportunity for gaming. Much of it was on the lighter end of the spectrum, but still great. Of course, I couldn’t wait to get back into Alchemists, especially with the King’s Golem expansion. But I learned the hard way that a single, tiny mistake can absolutely devastate you.

Alchemists. After last week’s affair in which I made a critical mistake during deductions, I was determined to reclaim my crown. You see, I’ve won nine out of ten plays of Alchemists prior to the expansion and I don’t want that golem running in and ruining my percentages.

So I knuckled down and went to town deducting. I fed ingredients to the golem and got some interesting results. I got two things that made both the steam and the glow (which I then knew would produce water if mixed together) and one thing that did neither. Interesting. I moved over to the tests and started doing everything I could to learn about those ingredients.

I initially went to the library as well to get info on the Lunar or Solar aspect of the ingredients. I’m not sure I’m thrilled with the information it provides. Sure, it can eliminate half the possible alchemicals, but often it does so in a way that does not allow you to publish and correctly hedge.

Still, even though my initial tests didn’t tell me much, later tests gave me everything I needed to know. Right around turn four, I had the whole board open to me and figured everything out. It was glorious! I started publishing like a maniac, and only the owner of the Printing Press was able to out publish me.

As we counted final scoring, I was ahead. By the time we got to the reports, I was three points in the lead. All of us had awoken the golem, so we all knew what the reports were. We’d all get the same eight points and I’d win by three. Easy. Except, when we turned the reports over, I had accidentally put the wrong size in. Instead of saying the large red, I put the small red. What??? Why? I had it correct on my deduction sheet, so it must have been a thoughtless error. But it cost me the game.

In the future, we must double check our reports to the king.

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