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Variant: The GeekInsight Game of the Year Announced!


For funsies, I checked the BGG Top 100 list to see where this year’s top five titles landed. With one exception, all of the games were in the top 35. And two were in the top 10. Two! I think it goes without saying that this was a fantastic year for board games and we’ve seen some titles that will endure.

If you’re gearing up for holiday shopping, then any and all of the Top Five are excellent choices. Some are more euro-y, some more ameritrash. Some are two-player only, others accommodate more. But all of them are solid titles that you’ll love for years to come.

That said, there can be only one. And a choice has been made. The winner of the Game of the Year is ….

7 Wonders Duel!


Duel is so much more than simply a two-player version of a prior game. While it borrows the name and some general concepts (like the colors of cards), it is entirely its own animal. It incorporates drafting in a new and spectacular way. It allows for immediate military and scientific victories. It forces you to constantly assess your opponent. It has better rules and systems for managing your economy. And the “drafting” is perfect for two players. Really, this is a fantastic title all around and should easily work its way into nearly everyone’s library.

Congratulations to all of the Top Five, and a special congrats to Antoine Bauza, Bruno Cathala, and 7 Wonders Duel – the GeekInsight Game of the Year!

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