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Recap: A (Spoiler Free) End to Pandemic Legacy


Via BGG User W Eric Martin

Whew! Three game nights and sixteen total plays have taken us to the end of Pandemic Legacy. It was a fabulous run. The twists and turns were great and, as the year came to a close, things just kept happening.

Pandemic Legacy. We started in October. We knew that October put us three months from the end. So only between three and six games left to play. The excitement was high and we were ready to complete it. But it took us five games.

October was just a pain for us. There was a particular objective we wanted to complete right away. But the cards just did not come up for us. Epidemics came and pushed us until we couldn’t realistically complete it. By that time, we were too late to reach the other objectives, and we lost. We tried again in Late October. This time, the cards were a little kinder and we managed to complete the objective we wanted to. But, again, it took us so long that we didn’t have the time to finish up the final objective. Two losses in a row.

October wasn’t great, but we made up for it in November. We had a little bit of a greater arsenal, as well as a funding level of four. So we hit it hard and didn’t mess around. We also switched up the roles a bit and took advantage of the powers. November was a one turn success.

December started. The last month of the game. At about the halfway point, we realized that we weren’t going to complete two objectives. So we focused on one that we felt was likely to carry over to the next game. A loss. But on the second play through, we mixed up the roles and just went to town. High fives all around and we won!

On the one hand, Pandemic Legacy was one of the most satisfying experiences in board gaming I’ve had in a long while. Possibly ever. On another, it did sort of suck up all the oxygen and no other games were played in the last three weeks. I’m ready to move on to other adventures.

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