Recap: More (Spoiler Free) Pandemic Legacy | Giant Fire Breathing Robot

Recap: More (Spoiler Free) Pandemic Legacy

Image via BGG User W Eric Martin

Image via BGG User W Eric Martin

So, last time we made it through May. We were all quite eager to make it back to the table and continue the adventure. And continue we did. We played a total of six games to complete September. And the September twist is a doozy.

Pandemic Legacy. In a normal game of Pandemic, allowing a city to outbreak isn’t usually such a big deal. Out breaks happen, and it takes eight to end the game. As long as you don’t start a chain, you’re usually fine. But that’s not the case with the Legacy version. Every outbreak unstablilizes the city until it actually falls and becomes extremely difficult to get into or out of.

In one game, we ended with a triangle of terror. Madrid was collapsing, and London, Paris, and New York were all rioting. We had to work extra hard to make sure there were no more outbreaks there.

In this set of games, we faced our first loss. August was a loss due to some particularly atrocious luck. It seemed like the Infection pile was all blue cubes and we couldn’t keep it under control. But we cam back to win it the second time. Those funding cards are huge! A similar situation occurred in September where we lost one of our team and had to be replaced by a civilian. Ouch. We just couldn’t make it back from that blow.

The September twist is pretty awesome, though. And I like the new objectives. I think in this round we’ve stumbled on what is likely to be the defining story arc through the rest of the game (although a later twist wouldn’t be out of place). Now that we’ve completed September, we have only three more months to play through. Super excited for it and really looking forward to its completion.

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