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Variant: Operation Gamerchild Update


My four-year-old has recently been in the habit of asking to play games with me. And not just any games. Although he enjoys Animal Upon Animal and Viva Topo, he increasingly wants to play more of “Daddy’s games.” To that end, he’s played a little Tsuro and Hey That’s My Fish. And recently, he wanted to try out Takenoko.

So we did. There’s no reading in Takenoko, so that barrier was removed. He’s a great reader, but there’s a difference between Bob books and Netrunner. After explaining the rules a little bit, we went at it.

He picked it up fairly well, and only needed reminders here or there. In some instances, I helped him to pick good actions, but mostly he did what he needed on his own. He focused on gaining points through feeding the Panda. Which is good because he readily understood how to do it, and because the game is a little unbalanced in favor of getting points that way.

He ended the game with his nine cards and got the bonus card. He was happy about that. When we tallied up the points, we both had 41. A tie game! The kid was extremely pleased that we tied and was happy to announce to the rest of the household that we “both won” Takenoko. The kid loves to share (unless it’s toys with his sisters) and I guess sharing the win made it all that more special.

Operation GamerChild is coming along swimmingly.  He definitely enjoys gaming and it’s great to see him have positive experiences with it.

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  1. Ben L said on October 14, 2016 at 5:51 am

    It’s good to see your child take an interest in gaming. Some great games my daughter (similar age as your boy) enjoys playing with me are:

    Catan Junior – no reading, roll the die, hand out goods, trade in goods to make ships/castles
    Jamaica – roll die, pick a card, take the actions (the combat part she doesn’t really get – and she doesn’t have much strategy to her choices, but she’s legit won several times now)
    Loony Quest – this is a great game for ANYONE – but my daughter loves the different worlds and levels
    Ocean Labyrinth and Labyrinth – these are easy to learn games, and provide a great “puzzle” for her to solve.
    O Zoo Le Mio – bid on a tile, put it in your park, score points. She doesn’t get strategy here yet either, but loves bidding high on the animals she wants to win. Slowly, she’s learning how to “outthink” dad so that she’s no bereft of money when she really needs it.
    Feuer Drachens (Fire Dragons) – roll two die, pick what each one does (move a dragon, add jewels to the volcano). If you land on a space with jewels, collect them and put them in your little bag. If you land on a space with another players dragon, you can steal from their bag. If you roll a volcano symbol – lift the volcano lid, and jewels fall to the ground. It’s probably my favorite game in my collection right now, and my daughter loves it! (HABA, as a general rule, have “family games” pretty well figured out).

    Great read, keep raising them right!

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