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Recap: A (Spoiler Free) Report on Pandemic Legacy


I’m a big fan of Pandemic, but the new Legacy version sort of passed me by. In the past, my group has been less than consistent in terms of player count and attendance. So I didn’t really want to grab a game that relied on consistent players for the best experience. But a copy nevertheless showed up for my birthday. And, gathering a core constituency, we embarked on a three player game.

Pandemic Legacy. We loved it. We played five times in a row and were able to acquire five wins. It started out easy enough. In our first game, we cleaned up pretty quickly and didn’t suffer a single outbreak. Things were well in hand and we felt good about ourselves.

But then things got harder. Our characters obtained some scars. Cities began to outbreak. And a few even went beyond unstable. In fact, we had a terrible event where London and Madrid, which are connected to each other, were at two cubes after an epidemic. As we raced to fix other three-cube cities, the first two cards were London and Madrid. The next draw – an Epidemic card. Uh oh. Both cities suffered an outbreak, and each of them forced an outbreak on the other – plus an outbreak in Paris where they were both connected. At the end of the fifth game, May, New York and Paris were both at 2, London was at 3, and Madrid was at 4. Although we haven’t attempted June yet, we are much less confident that our undefeated streak will continue.

Plus, Legacy definitely introduces some new hurdles as well as ways around those hurdles. While I won’t go into detail in this spoiler-free post, I will say that it was entirely unexpected. True, I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect. But I didn’t expect … that. It’s a fun tweak and one that really makes things more meaningful. At least for my group.

And Pandemic was all we played this week. Five games. In a row. Hopefully more next week.

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  1. Jack said on October 15, 2016 at 1:04 pm

    That picture…everything so, so…normal. If only we had known…

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