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Variant: A Child’s Legit Win

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My son is four years old. Crazy, right? And he still loves to play games with Daddy. Sometimes we play cooperative games. When we play competitively, I often reduce my ability to his level so that he has fun. Or offer him some suggestions here or there. But recently, he got a legitimate win. All on his own. With no help from his father.

The game was Animal Upon Animal. Granted, it’s not exactly a deep strategy game, but it’s one that he can play successfully. He’s a good animal stacker. And he’s starting to understand that it’s good to get rid of some animals early – and that some animals can be saved to make your opponent’s job harder.

We tend to play several in a row. We were on such a streak and playing our fifth game. The die gave him a double placement early. And, as our animal stores dwindled, he put a lizard near the top of the pile. On my turn, I knocked that lizard over and went up an animal. From there, he didn’t let up. He ended the game and won. No help from me. No secret advice. No dumbing down my play. It was a legit win.

I could not have been happier. And neither could he. I think he sensed that he got that win all by himself. Today it’s Animal Upon Animal, but in time maybe he’ll be beating me at Mage Knight, Earth Reborn, or Macao.

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  1. AverageJoe said on October 6, 2016 at 8:14 am

    Thanks for sharing this! It really is a special moment for both the child and the parent.
    I play chess with my son, among other games, and one of his earliest victories was so impressive we reviewed it on video. I captured more than half of his pieces and he had only captured 3 of mine (two of which were pawns) when he lured my queen out of position and swooped in with his knight for checkmate. HIS KNIGHT, FFS!!! I swelled with pride and amazement, even through the maniacal laughter and pointing and the little victory dance he did all around the board. 🙂

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