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Recap: A First Trip Under the Pyramids

Image via BGG User W Eric Martin

Image via BGG User W Eric Martin

As has been consistent over the last few weeks, there were three for game night. And three is an almost perfect number for Eldritch Horror. I love to play with three, and then bot a fourth player character in the form of Charlie Kane.  He basically spends his turn sending everyone else stuff. So, with that in place, we descended Under the Pyramids for the first time.

Eldritch Horror. I began the game as Minh Phan, the secretary. It doesn’t sound sexy (or does it?), but her ability was fantastic. If someone else was on her space, then every investigatory got plus one to all checks. Let’s just say, everyone wanted Ms. Phan nearby. And, because we fought Nephron-Ka, that wasn’t so hard.

That Old One, you see, pulls the players toward the Bent Pyramid on the Egypt sideboard every reckoning. So we ended up heading that direction on a pretty consistent basis. Which was also helpful because most of the mysteries to defeat him also needed us to take action on the Egypt sideboard.

It wasn’t helpful for the Rumor that popped up on space 2, or for his first mystery, though. We had to gain clues and then fight cultists in Egypt. So we had to venture out, gain clues, then charge back into Egypt. Needless to say, that first mystery took forever to finish. Probably eight of our fifteen turns were on that mystery. Luckily, the mysteries thereafter were less difficult.

The game came down to the wire, though, with us finishing off the third mystery as the last Mythos card was read. All we had to do was survive. Unfortunately, that mythos card also dropped Doom to 0. The King in Yellow awoke and we had only one turn to defeat his final mystery before game end.

This was terrifying because the Great Old Ones are usually horribly difficult to kill. Mostly (but not always), if you don’t stop them before Doom hits 0, then that final mystery is going to be a nail in your coffin. But the final mystery here was just to have encounters in Egypt. Score!

At that point, all four characters were in Egypt, we had acquired a ton of equipment, and four chances to get two successful missions. We did it. Legit win.

We don’t win Eldritch often, largely because we choose Old Ones and investigators semi-randomly, but the victories are all the sweeter when they occur.

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