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Recap: Invading Core Worlds

Core Worlds

Three for board game night – which has been a consistent theme lately. We decided to grab down Core Worlds. It does a great job at all player counts, but three has an interesting twist since you will only see about half of the cards in each sector. So you can’t count on getting certain combos.

Core Worlds. We played with both expansions. I used Princess Elona to great effect. I aggressively garrisoned worlds and used the ability of the Capital City to really thin my deck. I also grabbed a few of the early planets that allowed me to spend energy for draws or discard cards for extra energy. By about round four I was consistently milling through my deck, or nearly so, on every turn.

That allowed me to ensure that I was getting out the best stuff in my deck for every situation. By about round 8, I started to fall behind a bit in energy production. It forced me to make some harder choices when it came to drafting cards, but luckily I was able to continue to get my forces out and ready to conquer.

By the final sector, I was able to grab two core worlds. Luckily, even though my army wasn’t as up to date as it should have been (I drafted few things from sector 4), I had a ton of tokens on the Military order. So I was able to remove a few here and there to ensure that I could conquer the core worlds of my choosing.

The end result was that I won by just a few points. A cherished victory for a fun strategy I hadn’t previously used.

Also Played. Hanabi (x2) and Keyflower.

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