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Recap: More Council of Four


After last week’s play of Council of Four, I was eager to get it to the table again. I wanted to see if the blue city strategy was an unbeatable case of broken strategy, or whether it was a powerful, but ultimately non-definitive strategy. While I still remain wary, I think it may not have been as bad as previously thought.

Council of Four. My theory was that the prior board – one of eight configurations, happened to be the most friendly to the blue city strategy by placing those two cities only three away from one another on a connected road. So we randomized a bit better and placed the cities a little farther apart.

The first play went straight for the blue cities. But this time, I decided not to follow suit and compete. Instead, I noticed that the middle section of cities were all connected by a single road. I decided to jump into that immediately and try to get the bonus for connecting those while also getting bonuses from chained cities.

The blue city player got out to an early lead. And my other opponent snapped up the bonus for red cities. They were neck and neck while I had just a single point. But then my engine started to turn over. I got more and more cards (often from permits) and used my builds to gain more assistants, coins, and nobility.

I even had a couple of big turns where I was in a position to buy a get-an-extra-action building permit and really push forward on the building. By the time the game was over, I had snaked myself into the lead.

While this game shows that the blue city strategy isn’t a guarantee of a win, I still think it may be too powerful. But whether it is too powerful, or simply one viable strategy may end up turning on the precise board being played and the position of the city bonuses. As well as whether their are friendly building permits in the initial offering.

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