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Recap: Council of Four First Impressions


New content! My group is a little cult of the new-ish and we’re always on board for new titles. This week, a game arrived just before game night. So it went from usual gaming to a new headline. This time, it was Council of Four. There was one big issue, but overall a very positive experience.

Council of Four. Right away, all three of us saw the benefit in grabbing the two blue cities. If you grab them quick, you get five points, plus an additional 25 for the first king’s bonus. That’s a huge advantage early on. Ultimately, the start player grabbed it first and he was off to the races. We never did catch up.

But that didn’t sour the game. The experience was fantastic. It felt a little like Thurn & Taxis. And, with a few more plays, may even be a replacement game. You get the same feeling of route building. And you have to carefully manage a hand of cards to do it. The actions are a little different, and there are a few extra steps and considerations in Council, but they definitely have similar feels.

After the play, we started discussing that first grab-the-blue-cities bonus. I think the theory is that, in grabbing the blue cities, you might get a big bonus, but you ruin your chain of cities. But it doesn’t quite even out. First off, the blue cities were only three apart and easily connected in our particular map. But more importantly, you can just build off and chain from one city. So, at most, you’re giving up one city from you chain in exchange for 30 points. That seems like a huge benefit.

I’ll have to give it more plays to know for sure, but it might be worth removing the blue city benefit – or at least have it not trigger the king benefit – in order to make things a little more even. We shall see.

Also Played. Wolf & Hound (x5), Mage Knight, Pandemic, and Sentinels of the Multiverse.

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