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Recap: Blood Rage First Impressions

Image via BGG User W Eric Martin

Image via BGG User W Eric Martin

I’ve been hearing a lot of good things about Blood Rage. And Chaos in the Old World, another Lang design, is quite a favorite of mine. So I was eager to get this title to the table and play around with it. And this past weekend marked my first opportunity.

Blood Rage. An impressive aspect of Blood Rage is that, while certainly informed by area control principles, it doesn’t limit itself to strict area control or area majority. In fact, the draft of cards at the beginning allows you to gain points by going on quests, having your forces die, or even stealing glory under the right circumstances.

Since it was a first play, I decided to spend most of the game twisting nobs and levers. I didn’t really hunker down and stick to one strategy – a decision that hurt me on this particular play. Instead, I sort of did a little of everything.

There was a huge contest in the first Age. The reason was that there was only one place that could be pillaged for Horns (other than Yggdrasil) and it was scheduled to be destroyed at the end of the first age. So, it was a big battle. Everyone put their leader in first thing, and when the pillage was declared, one player played a card that matched the strength to the highest card – killing everyone. “So that’s the kind of game this is going to be…”

By the second age, I had somehow settled into being the fighter of the group. And I was poised to make a huge attack on Yggdrasil. But in that battle, the third player played a card that nullified mine. I ended up losing big. And I couldn’t really get back into that game. So I swapped over to a dead guy’s strategy – using Loki’s benefit to generate points.

By game end, the first and second players were within one point of each other. I trailed by another ten or so points. But still, we had an absolute blast with the game. And it has officially made it’s way onto my painting list.

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