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Recap: Burano First Impressions


Four players at game night again, and it was time to bust out the euro games. This time, the focus was on Burano, a new acquisition to the library. Filled with pastel cubes and involving lace-making, it seems like it would be a light, family title. It is not. But it was hella-fun.

Burano. It was a first play for everyone at the table. At the beginning, the first player went into the lace area in a big way. I think he got seven ladies in there before the first round was through. On the plus side, his Earning action was always huge. He’d get seven or eight coins every time – allowing him to really push other actions. But, when it came time to fill up his pyramid, he would only get a few cubes at the start of each round. So he wasn’t able to make much use of their point generation.

Meanwhile, I decided to eschew lace entirely and go forth on the manly fishing strategy. Unlike the lace, you don’t have to discard anything to get points for fishing. You just have to have majority presence on the islands and points automatically come. Of course, it’s harder to get guys on the islands, so you end up with a lot of spaces covered. That means fewer coins and fewer actions. But it also means you’ll have a full pyramid each time.

It seems that the game might come down to fishing early, lacing late. Perhaps that’s the best way to get points, although none of us knew it at the time.

In the end, my fishing-only strategy won the day. I was able to not only turn in big sets of cards, but I grabbed both buildings that gave bonus points for sold fish. That was another 18 points right there. At the mid-game, I was in last place and it looked like I was fading fast. But by really concentrating on fish, I was able to get majority on three or four islands by game end. Add up the fish sales, and I snaked out a victory.


Also Played. Forbidden Island and Luna.

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