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Recap: Three Player Argent

Image via BGG User W Eric Martin

Image via BGG User W Eric Martin

It’s been a while since I played Argent: the Consortium – even though it made a tremendous splash with my group. I think it’s the sprawling nature of the game that makes it logistically difficult to play. But we had only three players at game night, including the most avid Argent fan. And so it came down from the shelf.

Argent: the Consortium. We used an app to randomize setup, mage powers, and the player colors. I ended up with the Natural Magic while my opponents hailed from Divinity and Planar Studies. I was also the only one to take a red mage in the draft, which meant our game was not quite as punishing as it might have been.

In prior plays, I’d really let influence get away from me. That has been a costly mistake. This time, I decided to push on it hard. In the second round, I used the Great Hall to maximum effect and took the IP Belltower card. I made my lead significant and prohibitive enough that the other players stopped really competing for it.

It’s such a huge deal in Argent. Not only is there a voter who votes on it, but it is also the tie-breaker for the other voters. Including Most Supporters which is the most likely to tie.

From there, I focused on getting marks down (luckily, the Most Marks guy was in play). A few things I was completely outmaneuvered on. I had nowhere near the most mana or gold, and I didn’t have close to the most treasures. But I pushed hard on Natural Magic and Technomancy which I knew early on had voters in the consortium. At game end, I had six votes and my opponents split the remainder. My first Argent win!

I still think Influence might be overpowered in the impact it has on the game. I might try a few separate rulings to tweak the final scoring. But, this was also my first game with three players. And I really liked it. With only three, the game moved quickly and didn’t outstay its welcome. The options were more limited, so the game didn’t feel as sprawling and unwieldy. I still enjoy it with four, but three may be my new favorite player count.

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