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Variant: Painting Rebellion

SWR - Imperials

Not long ago, I managed to acquire Star Wars: Rebellion. The game  is fantastic and comes with a ton of minis just ready to be painted. I figured, like every game, those minis would look even better painted up. I was right.

Istarted with the Imperial side of things. For them, I wanted uniformity. I also wanted to keep them similarly colored so they would be easy to see on the board. The purpose of my painting, after all, is to make the board game experience better. If it is more confusing or harder to tell the pieces at a glance, then I did something wrong.

SWR - Death Stars

SWR - Star Destroyer

SWR - Super Star Destroyers

For most of the imperial units, I primed them in black and then painted them with Army Painter’s Gun Metal. A little bit of Dark Tone Ink really made them pop and gave them a bit of a dirty look. Overall, I really enjoy the look. The dark gray looks good on the table and is just a shade darker than the models in Star Wars: Armada. Although a friend of mine pointed out that, in Episode IV, the Star Destroyer is a huge white ship.


SWR - Assault Carrier


The one unit that proved much trickier was the Storm Trooper. I again primed it in black. And then my plan was to cover the white parts in white and leave the black parts unpainted. I figured that would be easier than trying to get tiny black paint in the nooks. And it sort of worked.

SWR - Stormtroopers

SWR - TIE Fighters

What I didn’t count on was that the white paint absolutely did not want to coat the figure. It would spread around rather than apply. For the first few, I tried to overcompensate by adding more paint. Not the best idea. What I ultimately had to do was do a thin layer, then go back over it again with another thin layer (or two) to get good coating. About a third of them turned out awesome. Two thirds are decent – and still look great on the table. And a few (maybe three to five figures) look a little like horrible homunculi of stormtroopers.

SWR - Rebels

On the Rebel side of things, I wanted a little more diversity. Because I didn’t want burnout like my War of the Ring project, I decided to start with the most numerous unit: the trooper. That unit also had the most detailing of any of them. I learned my lesson and used thin coats for the white helmet. I have them a blue shirt, black jacket, and silver tipped guns. I think they turned out fantastic.

SWR - Rebel Troopers

SWR - X Wing

SWR - Y Wing

Next up were the ships. Xs, Ys, speeders, transports, corvettes, and cruisers. Like the imperials, I wanted to give them a common theme. So I did a base coat on all of them of Ash Gray from Army Painter. Then, as appropriate, I painted on details like the squadron colors for the Xs and Ys, and the red markings for the Speeders and Corvettes. The Armada model of the Cruiser has lots of little red and yellow flecks over a patched look. That was too much for me, so I just painted the engines and was done.

SWR - Corvette

SWR - Cruisers

SWR - Transport

I was a little disappointed with some of the models, though. Unlike the Imperials which were great all around, and the units for both sides, some of the Rebel ships were pretty terrible. Speeders have no bottom. And the Ys have a totally flat bottom.  A bit of a disappointment given the detailing on the other ships.

SWR - Speeders

SWR - Shield Generator

SWR - Ion Cannon

Last up was the Shield Generators and Ion Cannons. The Shield Generators were easy. I mixed Ash Gray with some White and created a lighter gray color. It worked well on the generators and, after inking, was a perfect color. The Ion Cannons were a little more complicated. I didn’t want plain white units and that’s what most of the pictures showed since they are most prominently seen on Hoth. So I got a little creative and I’m pretty happy with the result.

Painting up Rebellion was a ton of fun. And I learned a little bit more about how to apply those lighter colors like White. Many thin layers is the key. I’m actually starting to look forward to the next project. Though I’m not sure what that will be, yet.

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  1. Augusto said on June 22, 2016 at 2:11 pm

    Really nice post and paints. Needs bigger photos though.

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