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Variant: Operation Gamerchild Update

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I have an active four year old who loves to play. He can play with action figures, pretend to be a ninja or zombie hunter, and enjoys painting miniatures when daddy does. Don’t worry, he has his very own figures to paint. But the best is when he asks to play a board game.

On Memorial Day, the family engaged in the time honored tradition of the barbeque. After we had eaten, my son asked to play some board games. Specifically, he asked for Little Prince. We did a quick two player game. He enjoys building the world more than figuring out how to score the most points. But it was still awesome to play.

Next, we grabbed Viva Topo and went in search for cheese. I had three of my five mice eaten by the cat! Meanwhile, he got two mice to the end for a full cheese wheel each. He crushed me.

After that, we grabbed Forbidden Island. We play it on the Novice difficulty because he likes to win. I help him with the strategy a bit, but he loves to collect the cards, flip the tiles, and yell “oh no!” as important places go under the deep. He wanted to move on to Gulo Gulo but we ran out of time and had to get to other things.

Gaming is awesome. And gaming with the little guy is great.  But usually he and I play one game, maybe two and we’re done. He is ready to move on and play something else with daddy. But this time, he wanted game after game. I think this qualifies as his first board game day. Sure, we didn’t play for hours on end. They are all pretty short games. But, we did play repeatedly and he would have done even more had we not run out of time. It seems that he may be shifting from simply enjoying games, to becoming a gamer. Time will tell, I suppose.

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