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Recap: Voyages of Marco Polo First Impressions

Image via BGG User W Eric Martin

Image via BGG User W Eric Martin

As my tastes have changed, the Spiel des Jahres has become less relevant to me. But I always keep my eye out for the winner of the Deutscher Speil Preis. And I got a chance to try out 2015’s winner, The Voyages of Marco Polo, this past week.

Voyages of Marco Polo. The game was waiting for me on my porch as I got home from work right before game night. I didn’t think there was time to punch everything out and become familiar with the rules. And that’s especially true since, as I read the rulebook, there was a lot to consider.

But, one friend ended up coming over about two hours early. And although we could have played any number of two player games, we decided to just give Marco Polo a go. And we were not disappointed. It may not be a huge innovation of what came before. But it has unique twists on familiar mechanics and it immediately extended a great experience.

In our two player game, we followed the suggested starting setup. He got the character that allowed him to choose his dice numbers, I got the one that provided the white die and a contract each turn. In fact, looking through the special powers, all of them seemed incredibly overpowered. I’m really looking forward to trying them out.

I decided to go the southern route to Beijing. It was fewer overall stops, but it had significant coin costs. What I underestimated was the ability to get coins. Coins are not always easy to come by in the game. I was able to offset it somewhat, though, by my contracts. I tended to take contracts that allowed me to get extra moves.

My opponent made it to Beijing first, but I completed about 50% more contracts. It was a close game, but I snagged a victory at the last minute.

I’m really impressed with Marco Polo and looking forward to future plays.

With Village Port!

With Village Port!

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