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Variant: Launch Events

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A lot of big time consumable media will have a “launch event.” Hollywood has the star studded premier. Video games often launch with special things to do or see in select stores. Board games, though, doesn’t typically follow suit. Sure, many games are announced at a convention. That could be seen as a collective launch event for numerous titles. But it’s rare that a title has a special event all to itself.

But Sentinels of the Multiverse did. Well, at least the announcement of the most recent expansion, Oblivaeon, did. Fans had known for some time that Villains of the Multiverse was the penultimate planned expansion. But they didn’t think to look too deeply into that expansion’s rulebook. Had they done so, they would have found the seeds to the launch event.

It was finally pointed out by an anonymous poster (who turned out to be the creator of the event) and everything launched from there. Players began finding various clues and putting them together to figure out the answers to puzzles. As they did, various comic covers in the (nonexistent) Sentinels Comics line were displayed. And then used thereafter for ever more puzzles.

A total of nine covers were revealed. So were clues requiring various ciphers, Morse code, semaphore, and other techniques to interpret. The final cover revealed the fight against the last boss of the card game, Oblivaeon. As well as information regarding the new launch title.

OK. So maybe “launch event” is the wrong phrase to describe it since it didn’t coincide with the publication of the product but merely its announcement. But I hope that the success of this event can be replicated with other companies and other titles. There are lots of great ways for dedicated players to get even more from a game or property than simply playing it.

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