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Variant: Beyond Painting

I’ve painted up several board games now and I love the increased entertainment value. Full color minis are just so much more fun to fiddle with than monochrome plastic. But painting isn’t the only way to add flavor and panache to your titles.

Another favorite of mine is adding a custom insert. Some players are able to build unique inserts out of foamcore and there are some great representatives online. Others, like myself, are forced to rely on commercial creations. Broken Token is one such company and their Mage Knight insert is fabulous. It seems like such a small and unnecessary thing, but adding a great insert reduces setup and tear down greatly. And, in turn, that means spending more time gaming.

For the dedicated eurogamer, sometimes you don’t have minis to paint. But you can nevertheless upgrade your resources. has great resources for a variety of titles – Agricola, Lords of Waterdeep, Tzolk’in. And they sell custom Carcassonne style meeples so you can be a superhero or a monster rather than a boring color.

It can be a little pricey to give every game on your shelf the deluxe treatment. But for favorite games, these additions make all the sense in the world. It’s a great way to enhance the experience and get more enjoyment out of the same systems.

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