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Recap: Keyflower with Six

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The more I play it, the more I enjoy Keyflower. Of course, that doesn’t necessarily mean I’m getting any better at it. But we had six for game night and Keyflower purports to handle six players. I was worried it would be a little too long or have too much chaos. I wasn’t wrong, but was it too much?

Keyflower. I made two major mistakes this play. First, I sat to the left of someone who wanted all my same things. Every time I wanted something, the turn before I bid on it she bid on it. In a color I didn’t have. That was not productive. At the same time, though, it was sort of good for me. I feel like I have a go-to strategy in Keyflower (that doesn’t result in a win) and I need to change how I approach things. I was able to do that a little bit in this game thanks to her.

Second, there were no tiles giving green dudes in spring and I grabbed one giving green dudes for Summer. Unfortunately, it was only ever used twice – and once by me. Greens were just not in demand in this play. So that acquisition really didn’t pay off in the long run. Maybe if I’d been more focused, I could have gotten a couple extra greens. After all, if no one had them, then I could have surely abused them. So that’s also on me.

I find that in Keyflower, I’m very focused on my own tiles. I want to create synergies and ensure that I can upgrade everything. That’s fine and all, but Keyflower isn’t like other auction games. Just because I don’t win a tile doesn’t mean I can’t use it. In fact, the winner of our game only won an average of one tile per round. But he spent the whole time saving up for an end-game tile he wanted that was worth 40 points. With that, he snaked the win.

Six players was still fun, but it was definitely more random. With five other players going between your turns, there were lots of opportunities for tiles to be bid in an unhelpful color. It resulted in that first round basically setting the bids for everything and then the rest of the round played out with fewer surprises (although they still happened).

I would play it again with six, but I think I’d prefer to cap it out at five.

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