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Recap: Keyflowering with Noobs

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Even though I did not enjoy my initial play of Keyflower, subsequent plays have really shown it to be an interesting system filled with tense and meaningful choices. And, this past week my very own copy of Keyflower arrived. Bagged and punched, I unhesitatingly brought it out for game night. Sure, they would all be new and I’d played before. But it’s a learning game, so they shouldn’t expect to win, right?  Such hubris…

Keyflower. Our game ended up extremely metal poor. All of the metal tiles stayed in the box in Spring and only one came out in Autumn, so it looked like gold was the way to go. I snatched up the gold mine in the first round and even grabbed a green meeple. Things were looking good.

One rules error did crop up, though. I forgot to pass out the Winter tiles at the beginning of the game. I didn’t realize it until Summer had passed, so I did it then. That meant that we weren’t as prepared for the final round – and me especially. Neither of my tiles were all that great for me. And, after the reveal in Winter, not many of the other ones were either. Boo.

Still, I was strongly in contention. I felt like I was in a good place, though the others were probably even with me in points. But, I absolutely needed to get one boat – the one that lets you flip for free. Not only would that get me seven points, but it would free up actions to get points elsewhere. I bid four blues on it. Four! I thought it would be safe.

And, it was for a while, but I underestimated the player to my right. He had secured several tiles that let him draw new meeples. He used them several times and just before the end of the round, he had five blues and took my tile. Ugh! The worst part was that by that time, there were few other tiles that needed blue. In fact, I ended up just plopping all four on an empty tile to take a single action. What a waste!

That move – especially coming at the end – crippled my plans and I ended with a pitiful 38 points. Good enough for last place. On the positive side, though, everyone really enjoyed the game and it looks like we’ll see more Keyflower in the future.

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