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[Video Games] So Long, and Thanks for all the Pageviews

You may have noticed that the videogames content on GFBR has been a little thin on the ground lately.

The truth is that Andrew Grys and I are leaving. We’re going to start out own site — a rather simple blog called Inverted Controls (don’t worry, that’s the only time I’ll plug it) where we’ll be writing and podcasting about video games (much as we did here).

I’ve had a great time writing for GFBR, and I’ve enjoyed being a part of the team here. I will be truly sad to go.

I’d like to extend my thanks to Andrew and Darci, for giving me the opportunity to talk nonsense about games in a (reasonably) safe setting. I’d have been talking about them anyway, but mostly to myself. Mostly. I’d also like to thank Connor for taking me under his wing while I found my feet here, and for being my big spoon during one ridiculously hot weekend in Seattle which was so far the one and only time I’ve been able to meet the whole GFBR crew.

I’d also like to thank Andrew Grys and Levi Fowler for being part of the videogames team, and repeatedly putting me to shame with their high-quality writing, and carrying me through many episode of Pyronauts where I probably would have given up without them.

So farewell, and thanks for your patience. Hopefully I’ll see you later.

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