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Variant: The GeekInsight Game of the Year!

All of the input has been considered and the vote (singular) has been tabulated. There were some amazing games this year. Each of the top five were fantastic and any one of them would likely go over well with most gamers and gaming groups. But a single winner must be chosen. And, this year, the honor goes to…

Image via BGG User Jajina


While it had stiff competition, I couldn’t, in good conscience, choose anything other than Alchemists. The game is fantastic. Strong action selection (or worker placement) gives rise to tense and interesting decisions. The deduction element feels well integrated and provides a unique experience without overwhelming the game. The app is an absolutely wonderful innovation which makes Alchemists possible at all. And the theme is fabulously interwoven.

Admittedly, it’s in the medium/heavy area of euro games. But if that’s the weight class you enjoy, and if you’d like to mix efficiency, deduction, and theme, then you cannot go wrong with Alchemists.

Congratulations to designer Matúš Kotry, artist David Cochard, and the whole team at Czech Games Edition. Alchemists is the 2015 GeekInsight Game of the Year!

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