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Fallout 4 Has a Nifty Live-Action Trailer

Fallout 4 arrives on November 10th. Which, unless you haven’t noticed is very, very close. So close in fact, that rumours suggest Andrew has already started to lay the ground for a month-long fake illness.

Just in case we were not hyped enough already, Bethesda has released a short, but very sweet live action trailer for the game. We see a quick glimpse of life before the bombs fall, before quickly jumping to the Sole Survivor (the game’s hero) emerging from Vault 111. He quickly meets up with his faithful houn Dogmeat, before taking on some Super Mutants and laying his hands on some power armour.

It’s rather aptly titled “The Wanderer”:

Fallout 4 will be released on PC, PS4, and Xbox One, quickly followed by a large rise in sickness-related absences. The two will not be connected, honestly.


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