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Pyronauts Episode 40: Domo Arigato, Iwata-san

We took a small beak for the last few weeks mainly due to the fact that post-E3 there really wasn’t any news that we felt was worth covering. Things are back on track now, and we have some actual content for you this time. So much so, in fact, that we managed to last for over 90 minutes, making this our longest episode in some time.

We start episode 40 on a rather sombre note as we take a short look back at the life and career of Satoru Iwata. Iwata who died recently. As president of Nintendo, Iwata was the driving force behind the release of the DS, the Wii, 3Ds, and WiiU. It’s no exaggeration to say that without him, the landscape of modern gaming would look very different. Despite being the head of one of the biggest gaming companies on the globe, Iwata was a gamer first and foremost. There are no others like him in the industry, and there likely never will be again.

However, we refuse to let bad news keep us down and we carry on with our usual starting feature: discussing what we’ve been playing. I make a rather pathetic attempt to explain why it’s totally fine that I started playing World of Warcraft again, and how I can quit any time I like. Seriously guys, I’m cool; I’m totally in control. Andrew talks a little about Her Story, takes his usual time out to tell us about Resogun and Geometry Wars 3, again, and all about how Hyper Dimension Neptunia: Rebirth 1 is a genuinely cool game despite looking like it’s rammed full of fan-service.

News-wise, we rattle on through the Hearthstone expansion, the news that Fallout 3 actually had an NPC with a train for a head (kind of), and we took some time out to laugh soundly at Randy Pitchford and his complete lack of irony, sarcasm, or self-awareness. We also discuss the ongoing problems suffered by Batman: Arkham Knight on PC, or more specifically, the poor people who are trying to play it.

That doesn’t sound like a lot but trust me, if there’s anything we’re good at, it’s waffling nonsense for far longer than we really should. Somehow though, we still found time to quickly talk about the Resident Evil 2 remake footage, our thoughts on the Suicide Squad and Ash vs. Evil Dead trailers, and even the latest Half-Life 3 rumours (which I won’t dignify with a link).

On top of all that, I’ve even dropped in a short out-take, right at the very end, just to show you how badly organised we really are.

Which you probably already guessed.


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