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Pyronauts Episode 37: All Fallout, All the Time

Note: The huge delay in us posting this episode and the previous one was down to some technical issues we experienced on the site which were sadly unavoidable.

Okay, there’s no point in beating around the bush here, we talk about pretty much nothing apart from Fallout 4 in this episode. We discuss the things we’d like to see, the things we think Bethesda will bring to the game, and the changes we’d like to see made to the series mechanics.

Perhaps obviously, the one thing we definitely want to see come back is the VATS system, especially given that it’s the key system that really makes Fallout an RPG as opposed to just another shooter with RPG elements. That being said, for all that we love VATS, we’d also love to see plenty of time and effort spent making it a lot less buggy than it was in the past.

We’re both incredibly hopeful about the game, although it’s interesting to note our different approaches and hopes for the game. Andrew, as usual, is all about the  mechanics. With the game being based in and around Boston – in what is known as The Commonwealth in the Fallout universe – there’s an awful lot of existing lore to draw on. We know that human-form androids exist in The Commonwealth, and that they originated in The Institute – the organisation that grew out of the ruins of MIT.

There’s already speculation among fans that those androids will either play a significant role in the game, or that your character may actually be an android. Regardless, we speculate a little on what that might mean with Andrew looking at it from a mechanical point of view (pun intentional). We also examine the possible addition of cybernetic upgrades and enhancements, and how those might affect gameplay. As is my wont, I look more at the storytelling and narrative angle, and wonder what kinds of stories might be open for us to explore including the possible inclusion of the escaped androids that we know exist and have already appeared in Fallout 3. There are some really interesting, if a little heavy-handed, parallels between the use of androids and the use of slaves, and some fun grey areas that we might want to explore there.

But look at me babbling on; spoiling all the good stuff you’ll find in the podcast itself. We also find time to discuss X-COM 2, which surprised both of us – not the sequel itself, but the fact that it’s building off of a canonical, in-universe storyline. For both of us, the emergent narratives are always more interesting than the ‘real’ overarching story. Still, we are excited to see a sequel to a great game.

By the time you read this, E3 will have been and gone, which means our next episode will be stuffed full of Andrew and I dissecting the fallout (pun intentional yet again) from the game industry’s annual round of poorly choreographed press conferences.

We’ll see you then.

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