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Pyronauts Episode 35: In Which We Misjudge Paid Mods

You know how they say that you wait all day for a bus only for two of them to show up at once? Well, this episode of Pyronauts is kind of the same thing, except instead of buses, it’s surprises.

What I mean is that, not only should you be surprised that we may have managed to get this episode recorded, edited and published on time, but that we also hilariously, incredibly wrong with our main topic.

Okay, maybe that second bit isn’t too much of a surprise, and maybe this is just a terrible metaphor.

We spent most of this episode talking about Valve’s addition of paid mods to Skyrim on Steam. Ostensibly, this was a test case to rolling out the ability for mod creators to charge money for their work across the entirety of the Steam library. The decision has not gone down very well at all, with a huge vocal outcry demanding the move be reversed. We bat the topic back and forth and at one point we state our belief that Valve won’t be going back on this decision, despite the furor it has caused.

You can imagine our faces when Valve turned around and disabled the feature, less than 48 hours after we recorded this show.

Alongside Steam, we talked about the new trailer for the Mad Max game, the properly official confirmation of Total War: Warhammer, the Telltale/Marvel game, and the good news that Deus Ex: Mankind Divided will be 100% ghost-able, including bosses.


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