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Recap: The World is Not Safe – Another Eldritch Horror Loss

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This week was my eighth play of Eldritch Horror. It was my seventh loss. This is getting ridiculous. On the one hand, we had a new player. On the other, it’s a cooperative game and that really should not have mattered much.

Eldritch Horror. It was a birthday celebration and there were six people at my table. The birthday boys wanted to bring out a little Eldritch Horror. I’d only played it with four or five, but it tends to be easier with even numbers so we broke it out. Embarrassingly, I even removed all the Mythos cards with tentacles in an effort to make the game a little easier.

We fought Yog-Sothoth. Our first Mystery was to spend a clue and discard a spell to put a token on the active mystery. Of course, we had to do that six times with six players. And although we started with two spells between the six of us, getting more spells was more difficult than it should have been. Monsters and gates opened up in Europe so the majority of us went there to get them. And so few were in Arkham or Buenos Aires for spells.

The big unfortunate, though, was that we had no combat guys. None. So as monsters started to accumulate, there was little we could do. Several of us (at least two) had strengths of one. So even with a big gun of some kind, we were basically just getting back to normal. Although we solved the first mystery and made it on to the next, we were overwhelmed by gates before long and the doom track advanced to the end. Technically, we could have kept playing, but it was obvious that we were much too far behind to finish the current mystery, finish the next one, and do the final mystery.

Up to this point, I’ve been doing what I always did for Arkham. I deal out two random investigators to each player and we each pick one. It’s semi-random but with some player choice based on preferred play style, but that doesn’t seem to be working. The Eldritch characters are a little more distinct and having certain actions (like Charlie Kane’s ability to send assets off) is a huge boon. So, for the next game, I think we’ll select our investigators from all those available and pick a team that synergizes well.

Also, we’ll actually use our abilities. In the last game, only a few people used their character abilities and, even then, only used it once or twice. We need to be better about that.

Also Played. Viva Topo (x2), Animal Upon Animal, Gulo Gulo, Haggis, The Majority, and One Night Ultimate Werewolf.

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