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Pyronauts Episode 34: The ‘Craig Gets Fired’ Episode

We’ve got a slightly extended episode of Pyronauts for you this time, which should hopefully make up for us being late. Again.

Andrew is working his way through the early stages of Bloodborne, so he shares some opinions about that, before we jump into the news that has came out since you last heard form us.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided was announced, which has us cautiously excited while at the same time as giving us the opportunity to laugh at its rather OTT trailer. OnLive, the streaming games service has finally shut its doors. The most interesting thing about that is that Sony has purchased what’s left of the company, including the patents for its technology. We wonder what we’ll see coming out of that in the next few years.

We spend a little bit of time talking about Blizzard now that Blackrock Mountain, the new expansion for Hearthstone, has been released. Blizzard has also rolled out WoW Tokens, a way for players to spend in-game gold to buy game time. The tokens can also be purchased outside the game with real money, and then sold in-game, essentially opening up an official market for gold selling.

Finally, we riff on the news about Guitar Hero Live (you can have that pun for free). Honestly, we’re not sure about this. It’s nice to see the developers doing something different than Rock Band, but we’re worried that it might be too much of a change. Time will tell I guess.

And that’s about it. There’s a couple other nuggets of info in there, but I’ll leave you to find them for yourselves.


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