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Pyronauts Episode 32: Farewell Maxis, and Thanks for all the Sims

Fortunately, both Andrew and I managed to get together at the same time twice in as many weeks to bring you yet another episode of Pyronauts!

Unfortunately, it’s not been the busiest fortnight, news-wise. There was of course, the big news that EA has shut down the Maxis Emeryville development studio, the main studio behind the Maxis brand, and the studio that developed most, if not all, of the Sim City franchise. Sadly, that includes the most recent, critically-reviled version of the game. This is very typical behaviour from EA; their  track record in buying up successful studios, forcing unwanted and unpopular changes on their games, and then shutting that studio down after the franchise bombs, speaks for itself.

So yeah, we spend some time tearing in to that subject.

We don’t have too much else going on, sadly, but we took some time to talk about the latest HTC/Valve VR tech that snuck out of GDC, which excited Andrew in particular. This year’s BAFTA game awards had some interesting surprises, the BBC announced a drama about the making of GTA which seems…interesting, I guess?

Also, Rock band 4 was confirmed, which after our last podcast, somehow did not cause Andrew to explode with joy.


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