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Board Game News Roundup: Golden Geeks, Kickstarters, and More!

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The annual Golden Geek Awards have been held where users of vote on their favorites. The winner this year: Splendor. Splendor is a game I put in the “fun enough” category. I enjoyed it but I wasn’t really clamoring for more. It’s a little surprising that it won. Elsewhere, Five Tribes won for best strategy game, and Alchemists was totally robbed by Dead of Winter for most innovative.

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The two player card game Resistor_ has just recently launched on Kickstarter. The game simulates two super computers both attempting to launch nukes at the other. But both try to stymie the other’s launch codes so that it won’t receive any nukes back.

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Thunderbirds, a board game based on the old puppet-driven TV show, is now up on Kickstarter. The game is a cooperative where the players compete against the villainous Hood. Although an upcoming expansion will unlock the evil Hood as a player. Fans nostalgic for the show should definitely check this one out.

And, while not currently up on Kickstarter, Mage Company has announced the latest expansion for their cooperative game, 12 Realms. The new expansion, titled Bedtime Story, introduces four new realms for 12 Realms as well as new plots. Plus, the way the realms operate seems significantly different than previous iterations.

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Fans of the Multiverse continue to rejoice. If you preorder the newest expansion, Villains of the Mutliverse, Greater than Games has announced that two mini expansions will be included as well: the Celestial Tribunal environment and the villain Choke.

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