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Gischler goes “Hellbound” with Dark Horse

Image courtesy of Dark Horse Comics

Pack your bags because Dark Horse Comics is going to take you on a horrific road trip of a nightmarish small-town America. But, watch out for that lone figure in the junkyard armor.

Hellbound has been adapted from the European hit series Highway to Hell from Panini Publishing, and follows two disgraced FBI agents as they are sent to investigate a stretch of highway and some gruesome murders there. But, this will prove to be your average, cut and dry (pun intended) serial killer case.

The new graphic novel will be written by Victor Gischler and Davide Dileo, with art by Riccardo Burchielli and a stunning cover by superstar artist Lee Bermejo. This is the perfect team to bring the violence and nightmares to the English speaking world and if you like True Detective and From Hell, this is the book for you.

Gischler spoke about Hellbound:

I’ve had nothing but good times with Dark Horse, and considering their fantastic track record with horror, I’m thrilled they are bringing Hellbound to an American readership. A great partnership for a great book.

Sounds delicious, don’t it?

Hellbound will hit stores around the world in September, and will carry the price tag of US$17.99.


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