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Pyronauts Episode 29: I Beat Him to Death With a Shovel

And we’re back!

You’ll have to excuse our extended hiatus over the holiday season; it was almost completely my fault. While Andrew was indeed busy with work – retail jobs over Thanksgiving and Christmas are never easy – the lion’s share of the blame lies with me, as usual.

But let’s not waste time wallowing in pity, shall we? It’s been far too long since were dropped an episode of Pyronauts, our wonderful video games podcast, on you, and I’d like to get right back into it.

Given that we kind of missed the period in which it would be relevant, we chose to do away with a formal “Game of the Year” discussion. Instead, we chat for a while about out favourite games of 2014, and what our game of the year would have been if we were choosing one. Which we weren’t.

Andrew in particular loved This War of Mine, a harrowing game that challenges you to live the life of someone existing in the aftermath of an actual war, struggling to survive while leading a small group of other survivors. The title of this episode speaks to one of the more grim choices Andrew was forced to make in one of his playthroughs. Andrew also waxes lyrical about his love for Dragon Age: Inquisition, and how the fact that it comes so close to perfection only to fail makes that failure seem all the worse somehow.

For myself, I was torn between Alien: Isolation and World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor. I ultimately came down in favour of the latter, given how well it succeeded in reinvigorating my love for the game, and also given how many hours I’ve sunk into the damn thing since it was released.

We also manage to discuss some of the more recent news – the new games-related features announced for Windows 10, the latest Nintendo Direct announcements, pre-orders for Heroes of the Storm, and our thoughts on the upcoming Minecraft game by Telltale. That last one we’re still not sure about.

We also had a little communication failure in there somewhere, but I’ve left it in for you to find. Just think of it as a bonus.


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