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Board Game News Roundup: New Games Everywhere

Greater than Games is forging ahead in their Sentinels Comics universe and announcing three new titles. The first is an expansion for Sentinels of the Multiverse entitled Villains of the Multiverse. In the new expansion, there will be ten new villains. But rather than being stand-alone, they will form into a villain team with mechanics introduced in Sentinels Vengeance.

In addition, GtG announced two new games for the Sentinel Tactics line: Battle for Broken City and For Profit. Details are scarce, but they will introduce more characters and scenarios.

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AEG has announced that it is pairing with Fun to 11 to publish Epic PVP. In Epic PVP you shuffle a class deck with a race deck to create a character, then use those combos against opponents. This should fit in nicely with the “shufflebuilding” mechanic introduced by AEG’s Smash Up (though the games are not likely to be compatible).

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Hoyuk, the successful Kickstarter from less than a year ago, is already following up with an expansion: Anatolia. Now the players must strive to complete achievements such as water systems for their primitive cultures.

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