194: Holiday cheer | Giant Fire Breathing Robot

194: Holiday cheer

Chatting about holiday themed commercials turns quickly to nostalgia for Jeannie, Patrick, JD, and Andrew. Happy end of 2014, and we’ll talk to you in the new year!

Music courtesy of JD Short (http://bassdbler.com) and Far From Close (http://farfromclose.com)

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  1. Doug Graham said on September 16, 2015 at 3:06 pm

    About two years ago I put down my Ipod. Not because the battery died for the last time, or because I accidentally got my earbuds caught in the car door and popped off the bud. I just ran out of good casts of the pods. I was caught up on the weekly s, and ran out of episodes of the more periodic. Sad times… so I put down the ipod and switched to movies and games on my tablet.
    A few months ago, as I prepared for a trip, I discovered the ipod in a pocket. It definitely needed a charge. But after an hour or two it was good to go.
    Glorious Day!! There were new episodes!! The Robot was back! And he was tired of being sterotyped! And not just a few. The Robot wasn’t alone either, for there were Wierd Things, and Edumacation classes, Critical Hits and Top Fives. What a wonderful summer!
    But, alas, summer is over, for it is Christmas… and while I too dream of wiskey nights, I know that it will be many, many months before my Ipod plays again.

  2. AverageJoe said on October 1, 2015 at 11:32 am

    I miss seeing new episodes appear on my Ipod.
    So close to 200…

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