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Pyronauts Episode 28: The Cavalry’s ‘Ere!

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So, we managed to get together and record another episode of Pyronauts, this time approaching something like our regular time slot. Fortunately for us, Blizzcon had just finished, so we had plenty of material to talk about, dissect, and thoroughly savage. And boy, did we do the latter.

Starting out, as always we talk about what we’ve been playing lately. Spoiler – I’m neck-deep in a resurgent World of Warcraft addiction, so I’ve played nothing but that. Fortunately, we can always rely on Andrew to have played something interesting, and he does not fail to disappoint. He’s spent time with the stark yet engrossing Desert Golf, a game where you play golf in a desert. And that’s about it. Somehow, he’s managed to get through about 1200 levels. I have no explanation for you.

Slightly less head-scratching, Andrew also recommends 80 Days, a modern retelling of Jules Verne’s classic Around the World in 80 Days. You play as the servant or servants of Phileas Fogg, working behind the scenes to help him complete this famous journey. Played out primarily through conversations with NPCs, the game is ripe for replaying, as you unlock new routes and adventures.

Andrew then goes on to tell that he, shockingly, is rather interested in playing the new Call of Duty game, Advanced Fighter. He says it’s because the new movement systems in the game suit his playstyle, but I have a feeling he’s just overdosed on Mountain Dew.

As I mentioned at the top though, the bulk of the show is about Blizzcon. Taking place last weekend, Blizzard did something no-one was expecting them to, and announced their first completely new game not a sequel, re-make, or spin-off, in 17 years. That game is Overwatch, a team-based FPS where players choose from a variety of heroes, each of them essentially a different class and each fulfilling a different role. As with most Blizzard reveals, the game looks incredible already, with development presumably quite far down the line. The game was playable on the show floor, and reports from other websites say that it plays very well, but maybe still needs balancing. A Beta for the game is due next year, and sign-ups are open now.

We weren’t completely on board with the game though. I personally had issue with the atrocious voice acting for one of the characters – a time-travelling teleporting character called Tracer, with a London accent straight out of the Dick Van Dyke school of voice acting. I’ve actually sprinkled samples of her voice through the podcast just to share how bad it is. Both Andrew and I also had issue with Blizzard’s claims that they’re working to avoid oversexualising the female characters in their games. Given that one of the female characters in Overwatch has a skin-tight catsuit that’s split to the navel, and the others fare little better, I’d suggest they’re failing already.

We also talk a little bit about the rest of the news from Blizzcon. Hearthstone has its first full expansion in the form of Goblins vs. Gnomes, coming out in December. With a 120+ card list and an apparent focus on random effects, it’s certainly going to shake up the meta-game. The new Starcraft 2 standalone expansion, Legacy of the Void, was unveiled with a shiny trailer; this time it’s the Protoss’ time to shine. The full list of who’s playing who in the upcoming Warcraft movie was also unveiled. Andrew’s fairly neutral about this one, having no really followed it, but I’m calling it now – this movie is going to suck. You have my guarantee on that.

We’ll be back in a fortnight, on Wednesday 26th of Novemeber, which happens to be the day after my birthday. You can send my presents to the usual address.


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