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Space Hulk: Ascension Gets a Release Date

There’s an argument to be made that once can never have too many Space Hulk video games. My answer to that would be that you can never have too many good Space Hulk video games. While the word “classic” is still thrown around with gleeful abandon, the original Space Hulk boardgame is absolutely deserving of the term. You control a squad of Space Marine Terminators exploring a derelict Space Hulk for fun and profit the glory of the Emperor.

Space Hulks tend to be infested with the vicious, murderous (and not at all inspired by H.R. Giger) Genestealers, so your journey is made up mostly of brutal, unforgiving combat instead of a gentle stroll and friendly reminiscences about your life before joining the Adeptus Astartes.

Games Workshop has updated and re-released the game twice now, and while the earlier versions received video game adaptations, they weren’t really what you’d call classics. Generally they weren’t even what you’d call good. Fortunately, that changed with the most recent version of the boardgame. Developers Full Control Studios stepped in last year and released a video game adaptation that was fairly faithful to the game and mostly well received. Mostly. I don’t normally hold much truck with Metacritic scores, but the game is currently sitting at 58 out of 100, which should tell you a little something.

While the game was fairly well put together, it was short on content – the original campaign could be blasted through in a matter of hours and was lacking in replayability. It was also incredibly hard in places, which is actually pretty faithful to the boardgame, where the members of your squad can be slaughtered with terrifying ease.

Full Control has pushed ahead with a new version of their game, titled Space Hulk: Ascension. It has been in development for a while now, and has just been confirmed for release on November 12th for Windows, Mac, and Linux on Steam for £22.99. If you pre-order the game, you’ll get a 10% discount, and, in a rather charitable nod to their fans, owners of the original game will also receive a further 15% discount, for a total 25% discount, just in case you didn’t have a calculator handy.

Full Control have also just rolled out a new Developer Diary video or the game, showing off how it looks and plays:

A whole load of new features are being touted for Space Hulk: Ascension, which may make it the adaptation the boardgame has been waiting for all these years.

Alongside 103 missions across 3 campaigns – one each for the Ultramarines (boo!), Blood Angels (yay!), and Space Wolves (woof) – Full Control says the game will have full squad customisation, new weapons, multiple types of Genestealers, and RPG progression to allow your marines to increase their skills. They haven’t revealed any details on the leveling mechanics yet, but we’ll keep our eyes open and report back.


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