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Image courtesy of Alan Robert and IDW

I really loved Alan Robert’s Killogy last year. Not liked, LOVED!

So, I was excited when I heard about the Killogy Halloween Special (on comic book store shelves as you read this). No way was I going to miss it.

The first thing I realized when I looked at the first few pages was how much I miss Alan Robert’s artwork. His style is so unique, you can recognise it at a glance and it really stands out from so much of what you find in comics these days.

The story opens with Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein (formerly of the Misfits) in a small boat, floating on an ocean of blood that has flooded the world.

I guess in this kind of apocalyptic world, a blood covered earth is enough to make everyone a little bit crazy, as Doyle soon finds himself hunted by some Mad Max 2 looking mother fuckers.

As Doyle brutally dispatches his attackers we learn that his crew has been kidnapped and he aims to get them back.

I don’t want to go much further into the plot of the Killogy Halloween Special for fear of spoilers. But, you can expect much more bloodshed, gore, and more than a touch of cannibalism.

But listen, if you love Halloween (and really, who doesn’t?), and you love splatter flicks, and you love great comics, then you need to make it your business to pick up the Killogy Halloween Special. It’s a hilarious and gory romp like you’ve never seen before.

As an added bonus, there’s also a bunch of preview pages of Alan Robert’s upcoming series, The Shunned One, which is dark, beautiful, and sure to thrill as much, if not more, than his previous works.

Alan Robert has smashed another home-run with the Killogy Halloween Special and what really has me excited is he leaves the ending semi-open in case he wants to come back to this world for more messed up fun.

As I said earlier, the Killogy Halloween Special is on shelves of comic book stores around the world as you read this. Make sure you get your Halloween comic book fix before it sells out.

Image courtesy of Alan Robert and IDW

Image courtesy of Alan Robert and IDW

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