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Board Game News Roundup: Kickstarters, IGA Nominees, Tash Kalar, and More!

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If Pandemic and Flash Point Fire Rescue are your thing, there is another game in that same vein currently up on Kickstarter. In Dead Men Tell No Tales, the players take on a pirate crew raiding a burning vessel for loot and plunder. It’s a cooperative game for two to five and should appeal to pirate lovers everywhere.

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VPG has announced two new titles now available. The first is From the Abyss the third expansion for Darkest Night. Now available for order, it provides more abilities for the nefarious necromancer while adding four new playable heroes.

Also available is Imperial Stars II. Imperial Stars is a 4X game for two players.

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So, Asmodee has purchased Days of Wonder. The move is meant to strengthen Asmodee’s North American presence and market. It’s unclear what exactly this means for consumers. In the short run, there is likely to be little change, but the current heads of Days of Wonder will soon become consultants and perhaps step back entirely. For my part, I wonder if Days of Wonder will continue with it’s past decision to implement one major game each year or whether association with Asmodee will cause its catalog to expand more rapidly.

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At the Geekie Awards, they gave one out to the best board game, and the winner was none other than Belfort! It’s a well deserved award for a fantastic game from Tasty Minstrel and designers Jay Cormier and Sen-Foong Lim.

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The international gamers awards have announced their nominees. Among other notable titles I’m interested to see how Concordia, Spyrium, and Istanbul fare. All three of them have been fantastic (though Istanbul has some gravitas with its previous KdJ victory).

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CGE has revealed a few final artwork cards for the new expansion deck for Tash Kalar. Happily, this confirms that the expansion is nearing and, relatedly, continuing support for this game (yay!). There had been some issues with the U.S. publisher that made a few fans wonder if the game would continue to see support.

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FFG has announced the tournament schedule for the World Championships. All world championship games will occur over a single weekend and feature Netrunner, X-Wing, and most other FFG LCGs.

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