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Advanced Comic Review: Alan Robert’s Killogy #4

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The final chapter of Alan Robert’s latest horror comic, Killogy is about to hit the world.

If you’ve been keeping up (if not, where have you been?), Killogy is the latest brain-child of indie rock star and horror guru Alan Robert of Crawl to Me fame.

The three previous issues have introduced us to each of the three main players, and we’ve heard how they ended up being locked together in a jail cell. But, Killogy #4 is the issue we’ve been waiting for.

In this issue our three “heroes” finally make a break from their prison cell and see just how far gone the world has become due to the zombie apocalypse.

Now, as if the first three issues of Killogy didn’t give you a hint, this isn’t your stock standard zombie story. In this issue Alan Robert manages to add more than a few twists and turns to the plot and doesn’t resort to a simple, cliched ending. I’ll guarantee you won’t see this end coming.

And I have to say, in my experience reading Robert’s work, his endings are never a cop-out. Too often, especially in horror comics and movies, the original idea is sound but the ending leaves you with disappointment and almost anger at the creators.

But, you’ll never feel like that with Robert. His endings are not only well thought out and planned, but genuinely surprising.

Take Frank Vincent, Marky Ramone and Brea Grant, add a healthy dose of flesh-eating monsters, a pinch of humour, and shake frantically. The result? Alan robert’s Killogy.

If you haven’t picked up the previous issues, it’s probably not too late. The story is fun. The art immaculate. The makings of comic book greatness (plus, rumour has it Killogy could be coming to a small screen near you). So, get on board while you can.

Alan Robert’s Killogy #4 hits comic book stores around the world on April 24th, 2013. Get in early and reserve your copy now.

You don’t want to miss it!

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