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Chuck Team Reunites for Midnighters

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Chuck has only been gone for one full development cycle and creators Josh Schwartz and Chris Fedak have already found another project to collaborate on. According to Deadline, this time the team will attempt an adaptation of the Midnighters trilogy of novels. The premise has already received a script commitment from FOX, which Fedak will write on his own. Should the series move forward Schwartz and his Fake Empire Production Company will come in to help shepherd throughout development on onto the air.

According to the release, the Midnighters series “follows a small group of people all born at the stroke of midnight, who have access to a hidden twenty-fifth hour of the day.” It is a series and concept that I’m unfamiliar with, but Schwartz and Fedak gave me Chuck, so they’ve earned a fair shake to any future projects as far as I’m concerned.

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