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Errata: Are Special Editions Worth It?

Every so often, a special edition comes along with enhanced components. This week’s question centers around these gaming upgrades.

Cheaper Gamer asked, “So I’ve noticed a lot of deluxe or anniversary editions coming out. Is it even worth it to buy them?

I guess it all comes down to how much you like the game. In general, my answer would be “no,” but that’s just because I am somewhat of a penny pincher when it comes to my gaming budget. After all, I can get several new games for the price of one Puerto Rico: Anniversary Edition.

But there’s nothing wrong with buying an upgraded game. If your group or family loves a game and plays it to death, an upgraded version can be a great way to go. For example, I’ve played about three dozen games of Sentinels in about a year. That’s about three times per month. Though it held up well, it was inconvenient to remember all of the effects and put dice on all of the targets. So, when the Enhanced Edition debuted, I wanted it. Better cards, better art, better health trackers.

There are other upgraded games as well. Caylus had one. Settlers┬áhas an extremely deluxe version that I would love on my shelf – if the cost weren’t prohibitive.

There’s nothing wrong with adding some bling to your favorite games, and certainly nothing wrong with buying a pre-blinged copy. So, after all that, the short answer is: it’s worth it if you play it frequently, if you’ll enjoy it enough to make the expense worth it.

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  1. T. Derscheid said on October 9, 2012 at 11:13 am

    I think it’s more satisfying to make your own enhanced edition:

  2. Bluelise said on October 9, 2012 at 11:16 am

    Yeah, I always think the upgrades that people make themselves are better than whatever the game companies come up with. I just need the skill to make my games awesome on my own.

  3. GeekInsight said on October 9, 2012 at 3:22 pm

    I think you’re right. The games I’ve blinged up myself have always been the most satisfying. That said, I never would have sculpted little crates for Puerto Rico or cool damage counters for Sentinels. I don’t have anything approaching the skill or patience.

    That said, I’m currently painting the minis that come with Mansions of Madness. The results of which should fill out a blog post in the next few weeks. (So far, all humanoids are painted. Time to start on elder things)

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