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Advanced Review: Alan Robert’s Killogy #1

Image courtesy of Alan Robert

Last year I read one of the most original and unique horror comics I’ve ever laid eyes on. With words and art by Alan Robert, the four part mini-series Crawl to Me caught my imagination and quickly moved Robert toward the top of the list of my favorite comic creators.

The first issue of Robert’s next project, Killogy, hits shelves around the world on October 31. I’ve been aware of Killogy’s development in recent months, but I’ve purposefully been turning a blind eye so I can experience it all fresh, first hand.

I’m eternally grateful to be given the opportunity to check out Killogy #1 a few weeks before its release.

So what can you expect from Robert’s Killogy #1?

Well, story-wise, you get three criminals in a small prison cell. So the set up has infinite possibilities, yeah? When said murderers have the unapologetic likenesses of Frank Vincent, Marky Ramone, and Brea Grant, you just know that what Robert has in mind is going to be a little something special.

First thing first, I’ve learned to expect twists and turns in Robert’s writing and Killogy #1 is no exception. What starts out as an ultra-violent crime story becomes so, so much more.

If the first issue is anything to go by, it looks like each issue of Killogy will focus on one of the three criminals, in an almost self contained story (though there is a narrative that promises to tie the three issues together). I’m very supportive of done-in-one issues as easy access points for new readers, and though Killogy #1 isn’t quite that, it does appear to me that each issue will be a good jumping on point for new readers. The first issue focuses on the Frank Vincent look alike called Sally Sno-Cones, and if you like your crime with a little Goodfellas or Sopranos flavor, you’re going to like it.

Now on to the art. Although stylistically, Killogy #1 is very much Alan Robert’s, it has a new feel to it. I don’t know how to describe it. Normally Robert’s comics look beautifully painted with digital touch ups. It’s an effective method and always looks brilliant. But in the case of Killogy #1, he’s taken a slightly different approach. I have no other words for it but (and I think I’m about to make up a phrase here) retro-digital. I don’t know how else to describe it. The new approach is effective in the gritty and horrible world of Killogy.

All in all, not only has Killogy proven to be a worthy addition to Robert’s previous works, it has exceeded my expectations and is thoroughly entertaining.

Halloween’s creeping up on us and Killogy #1 will make perfect reading. Book your copy now for a violent and terrifying Halloween treat.

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